Before writing this page, it occured to me that I'd been a member for the better part of 10 years and had no knowledge of the background of the club, it's origins, the founder and of course, how Mal came to be the club President, Secretary and Treasurer. I shot an email to him with the intention of getting some inside for myself but decided to share the email directly below.

I mentioned to you in an email that I needed some information from you.

I'll answer to the best of my knowledge.

When did the club start?

I joined when I got my first computer - my System 80 - and that was 1979. I think it was going for a couple of years before that.

Who started the club?

Originally started by the employees at the Clayton South Tandy Radio Shack in conjunction with the science teacher at Kingswood College.

What major changes have occured during the history of the club?

Too many to mention - I've been in charge since the 80s - We've moved location a couple of times - selling of magazines and media to the club members - I remember taking my Amiga to the club when everyone was still using Z80 based machines and CGA DOS based computers - fast forward to Macs and Windows beasts - everyone using laptops rather than desktops - Netbooks, etc.

Where was the club initially located and where has it been located?

  • Clayton South Tandy Store
  • Science Room Kingswood College
  • St. Leos School - hired room
  • Wadham House - we may have been at the rooms next to Wadham House first but it got too expensive

How long have you been managing the club?

I probably took over around 1982 - though I'm not sure 'managing' is the word. I'm the 'convener' - I just turn up and conveniently open the doors.

When did the Z80 start to dwindle away in the club?

Towards the end of our days at Kingswood - I'm not sure - I'd have to look at old newsletters.

Are you aiming to continue managing the club for the foreseeable future?

Do you want to overthrow me ? :-) You're welcome.